Batch File to combine files

This page describes a batch file that I wrote to concatenate files into one large file. I guess that this is mainly useful for mpeg files.

The batch file is zipped up here.

It is used by going to the command (or MS-DOS) prompt and typing something like:
combine.bat \WebExcavator\downloads\*.mpg \WebExcavator\downloads\Combined\combined.mpg

The code looks like:
@if "%1" == "" goto usage
@if "%2" == "" goto usage

@echo combine %1 to %2

@if not exist %2 copy "empty.file" "%2"

@for %%x in (%1) do copy /B "%2"+"%%x" "%2"

goto exit

@echo Usage: combine.bat 'file to process (can include wild cards)' 'file name (can include directory to save to)'
@echo e.g. combine.bat *.txt temp\combined.txt


empty.file is, as the name implies, an empty file. It is used to get around an error that would occur if the file you were combining to doesn't exist.