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Usage Notes:

  1. To download a site you need the full URL e.g. http://www.example.com
  2. Files can be downloaded in three different ways (via the options dialog).
    1. Keep the same directory structure as the web site you are downloading from.
      e.g. http://www.example.com/images/test.gif will be saved to www_example_com\images\test.gif on your hard drive.
    2. Save to a directory with the domain name. To make sure that Web Excavator does not overwrite previously saved files, the directory structure is prepended to the file name.
      e.g. http://www.example.com/images/test.gif will be saved as www_example_com\images_test.gif on your hard drive.
    3. Don't save in any sub-directories.
      e.g. http://www.example.com/images/test.gif will be saved as www_example_com_images_test.gif on your hard drive.
  3. You can download any file types that you wish. On the options dialog, add the file extensions to the download file types field separated by a semi-colon e.g .jpg;.mpg;.avi;.wmv;
    If you want to download all files just enter a period (.). To not include a file type, put an exclamation (!) in front of the type
    e.g. !.exe;!.zip;. downloads all files except exes and zips. Note that there has to be a period at the end.
  4. Use 'Excavate All Linked Pages' with caution as you may follow a link to a site with illegal content. You use this program at your own risk and we take no responsibility for the content of any site that is visited or downloaded from.
  5. When Web Excavator is minimized it appears as an icon in the system tray. To restore it, just double click on this icon.
  6. Web Excavator is shareware. You can use this software free of charge for 30 days, if after this time you want to continue using it, please make a one-time payment of only $14.95. Thank you.

Main Window



  1. Files
      Directories To Search
    • Pause: Pause downloading files. Select again to unpause.
    • Pause After Downloads Stops processing URLs and when the download queue pauses Web Excavator.
    • Empty 'To Download' List: Removes all the files in the 'To Download' list.
    • Stop Adding to 'Links To Excavate': Stop adding new sites to the 'Links To Excavate' list.
    • Stop Adding To URL History: Stop adding sites scanned to URL history.
    • Erase URL History: Delete history of all URLs that I have previously scanned.
    • Load: Load previously saved state list.
    • Load As: Pick previously saved state file.
    • Save: Save state lists to Save.dat.
    • Save As: Save state lists to a backup file.
    • Save And Exit: Saves the state lists and exits after current downloads are completed.
    • Exit After This Download: Exits the program when the current download have completed.
    • Exit: Quits the program.
  2. View
  3. Options
    • Options: Opens the options dialog.
    • Advanced: Opens the advanced options dialog.
    • Directories To Search: Directories to search in to see if a file has already been downloaded (besides the main download directory).
    • Load Options As: Load previously backed up Options.
    • Save Options As Backup current Options.
  4. Find Duplicates: Opens a dialog where you can search for duplicate files on your hard drive.
  5. Wizard: Opens a wizard system that helps you use the application.
  6. Register: Opens the Register dialog where you can enter your registration key.
  7. Help
    • Help: Opens the read me file.
    • Check For Updates: Looks for an update and if it finds one downloads it.
    • About: Information about this software.


  • Save: Saves any changes.
  • Cancel: Discard any changes.
  • Help: Displays this help page.
  • Defaults: Reset to the installed defaults.

Advanced Options

  • Log Debug Data: Log debug data to a logs directory.
  • Open Debug Log: Opens the Debug Log in your default viewer.
  • Load As: Load backed up Options.
  • Save As Backup previously saved Options.
  • Look For Updates At Start Up: Check if you want Web Excavator to do this.
  • Show Exiting Status Messages: If not checked, it will immediately close the window when the program exits. Otherwise it verbosely tell you what it's doing during the exiting process.
  • Do Not Alter Web Pages On Download: Check this option to stop Web Excavator from changing the original html code so that it points at local directories.
  • Only Use One Parameter When Processing Redirecting Web Pages: When processing a redirecting web page only redirect based upon the first parameter.
  • Display Last Image: Displays in the main window the last image that was fully downloaded.
  • Display Full Last Image: Uncheck to draw the last image file downloaded so as to fit in the main window.
  • Save files with a URL encoded name: If these file names are url decoded they will become browser compatible (e.g. / becomes %2F).
  • When Redirecting Unknown File Types, Default To: whether to default to ASP, JSP, or PHP.
  • Web Excavator Priority: Set to low if you want Web Excavator to run in the background, else set to normal.
  • Num. File Download Threads: The number of files to download simultaneously.
  • Num. URL Download Threads: The number of web sites to process simultaneously.
  • Min. Downloads (below which search for more): Ones the number of queued downloads goes below this value Web Excavator will process the next URL in the 'Links To Excavate' queue.
  • User-Agent: Ones the number of queued downloads goes below this value Web Excavator will process the next URL in the 'Links To Excavate' queue.
  • Log Valid URLs: Check if you want to log all the valid downloads to a ValidURLs.log file located in the same directory as the executable.
  • Do Not Download Files: Do not save any files to the hard drive - only available if 'Log Valid URLs' is checked.
  • Open URL Log: Opens the ValidURLs.log file.
  • Save: Saves any changes.
  • Cancel: Discard any changes.
  • Help: Displays this help page.
  • Defaults: Reset to the installed defaults.

Find Duplicate Files

  • ...: Browse for a directory to scan.
  • Set: Brings up/updates a tree view of the chosen directory.
  • Find: Compares files to find duplicates - this can take awhile depending on the number of files to search.
  • Search Subdirectories: Also search within subdirectories for duplicate files.
  • Stop: Stops searching for or comparing files.
  • Delete Duplicates: Delete all duplicates found.
  • Clear: Clear the displayed list.
  • Log Results: Writes the results to a file called 'results.log' on your hard drive.
  • Close: Exits this dialog.

Download Directories

  • Dir X: (where X is 1 through 10): The directory to search in. 'Dir X' label is a button that opens this directory.
  • ...: Browse for a directory to search in.
  • Look In Subdirectories: Also search the subdirectories of the directories above.
  • Save Subdirectories: Save this list to the hard drive.
  • Generate At Run Time: Regenerate this list when the program is started..
  • Enable Run Time Duplicate File Detection:
  • Update Duplicate Data: Delete all duplicates found.
  • Save: Exit and saves changes.
  • Cancel: Close this dialog without saving.

To Download Web sites

To download an entire web site, click on the options button and put ‘.’ in the Download file types options field (no quotes). To not include any files types (e.g. .exe's) put these before the ‘.’ with a ‘!’ in front of it separated by a ‘;’. So to download an entire web site except .exe and .zip files you would enter:
Also on the options page, you will probably want to check ‘Keep Web Site Directory Structure’.

Note that if you just enter a web site name like http://www.example.com, the front page will be saved as index.html.

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